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A list of Developer Partners offering professional support and solutions for Baker.
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Baker Framework Team

The Baker Team can provide consulting, thought leadership, and expertise in key areas of the Baker Framework.  If you are looking for support extending the Baker Framework or use/customization of the Baker Cloud Console (CE) for your specific project, we’d be happy to talk with you!

If you are looking for full lifecycle development solutions, creative content creation or other bits and bytes you might be better served with one of the development partner companies listed below!


Cryptonym Ltd

Cryptonym Ltd provides custom designed software and support and is skilled in development and support of Baker based applications.



As a passionate IT team we exceed in custom development of applications based on Baker with end to end support.  From setting your cloud servers to the HPub package design so you can have a turn key solution ready to go and succeed.

El Taller

El Taller Editorial

Publishing and developing services for book, web and magazine publishers.


Lauck & Dub LTD

Lauck & Dub LTD is a indie digital publishing company from UK / Russia with goals to create and publish a huge amount of art/poetry magazines, books, board games and serious scientific literature.

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